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On Personal Style and How Often to Wash Organic Sheets

April 06, 2017

On Personal Style and How Often to Wash Organic Sheets

Starting a new company doesn’t leave much time for a personal life. Dimple Gogia Talreja knows only too well the demands of maintaining and balancing a working life, family life and personal life as she focuses, with her husband, Anand, on growing Jefferson Lane, an organic cotton bedding company.

Time has become a very important issue. It helps, Dimple says, in that “I like to keep most things simple.”

This is true of her personal style. “I love trying out new trends,” confesses Dimple, “but I own the classic must-have pieces that comprise my go-to wardrobe. If I wear a plain t-shirt and jeans, then I like to accessorize with a colorful scarf or blazer. If I wear a solid color dress, I would wear statement earrings or carry a printed clutch. The fit of clothes is very important. I am willing to spend on getting my clothes tailored because if something doesn’t fit well, I won’t wear it and it’s not a good way to spend money by having clothes in the closet one doesn’t wear. I suppose you could say that I keep my dressing style simple but on-trend. When I wear Indian clothes, it’s about incorporating colors.”

Emphasis on simplicity extends to her home. “I like simple décor, nothing too cluttered. My home is accessorized but not overly so. For furniture, I like clean mid-century modern designs and modern colorful accessories. For example, we have a gray sofa with whimsical pillows and a unique and colorful, ethnic rug. I love collecting pillows! When we travel, I like shopping for accessories for the home. We have wall pieces from Jamaica, table top décor from Hong Kong and hand drawn art from the streets of New York City. I love color, but I use color to compliment clean designs. Complicated shapes and patterns make me dizzy!”

Dimple’s design philosophies for the bedroom: Jefferson Lane’s sheets are currently available in white or gray with a new color or two slated for introduction in the next few months. “In our bedroom, we have one wall with a beautiful geometrical print wallpaper and picture frames of ballerinas,” Dimple says. “I spent months looking for the perfect ballerinas. I wanted the room to have a relaxing and happy vibe.”

So which are her favorite Jefferson Lane sheets, we want to know?  “I love them all,” is her response. “It’s like asking me to choose between my children. But perhaps my favorite is the plain white sheet and the white with the gray stitch hem.  I tend to prefer light soothing colors in my bedroom and these work perfectly. The plain white sheets allow me to use bright punches of color, if I want to, with yellow and orange decorative pillows, which can be changed out seasonally.”

These sheets make climbing into bed at night a really pleasurable experience. How does Dimple like to wash her 100% organic cotton sheets? “I wash our sheets every week, “Dimple says, “but I’m told that is too much. I think if you use an organic detergent to wash, every week is a fine schedule. I wash the sheets on a delicate cycle and tumble dry on low—the high heat damages most fibers, particularly natural fibers. As for detergent, I have tried many different organic/green detergents with varying degrees of success, but I am still looking for a favorite and hope that readers will share their preferences with us!”


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