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Making The Perfect (Organic) Bed

February 02, 2017

Making The Perfect (Organic) Bed

There’s something very interesting that happens when you first buy organic sheets. Perhaps it’s the idea that you are sleeping on sheets that are free of pesticides? That means the cotton crop was grown without the use of sludge or petroleum-based fertilizers or modified with synthetic pesticides. It’s a good feeling to sleep under those conditions.

But the most interesting thing is that the sheets “feel” so good that making a bed becomes a pleasure and not a duty or job. In fact, one can’t wait to climb back into those smooth, soft sheets—pesticide free—and a beautifully made bed is a further enticement to climb in on the road to slumber at the end of the day.

Organic is a great motivator. Whether you eat organic food or think about an organic lifestyle, buying organic accomplishes several things. You are helping workers who do not have to deal with toxicity, helping the planet and helping yourself. So isn’t it a good feeling to tuck yourself, and your family, in bed at night assured that they are sleeping on the best organic cotton sheets?

The ritual of making your bed daily may help you prepare for the day, rather than leaving the mess of an unmade bed to come home to.  Think of it as therapeutic.

When making the bed, make sure that the bottom sheet is smooth and fits snugly over, and tucked under the mattress. Our sheets have deep pockets so you won’t have to worry about the sheets creeping up the sides of the mattress.

If you are using a flat sheet, lay it on top of the bed, making sure the top of the sheet is lined up with the top of the bed, right up to the headboard, and check that the sheet is distributed equally over both sides of the bed. If you use a lot of pillows to sleep on, you will need more fabric at the top of the bed to fold over the pillows.

Tuck in the extra fabric at the foot of the bed first, then tuck in the sides.

Add a blanket or coverlet and fold back the top sheet until just below the pillows.

Whether you use one or two pillows per person, make sure they are pumped and placed at the top of the bed. Ideally, standard pillows work best on a full or queen bed, and king pillows work best, and look best on a king or California king bed.

We like the idea of the contrast stitching of our pillows --- gray on white and white on gray –to provide a tailored style to the bed.

You can add a decorative throw at the foot of the bed, euro shams, and decorative pillows but keep it simple and avoid clutter. Play with color and shapes. Decorative pillows are easily changed out, either seasonally or just when you want to change things up with a new color palette.

If you are using a duvet and duvet cover, with or without a top sheet, fill the duvet into the duvet cover, and be sure to shake out all the corners. Our 300 thread organic cotton duvet cover has a lustrous weave for optimal comfort and is stitched with inner corner ties to keep your duvet in place. Natural coconut shell button enclosures as an added detail.

Making a bed is something we do every day—making an “organic” bed is something we want to do every day.

Sleep well!

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