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Guest Worthy Beds

April 06, 2017

Guest Worthy Beds


Whether a guest room is an impromptu rollout bed or a dedicated room or suite, we all want to make sure our guests are comfortable and experience a good night’s sleep. There’s no reason to go to great expense to provide a calm and pleasing environment.

Here are some helpful ideas:

First things first, the bed. Whether it is a bed or a pull out sofa bed, a good mattress helps provide the foundation for a great night’s sleep. If the mattress is hard, a thick blanket over the mattress and tucked underneath,will provide a layer of softness. If the mattress is very soft, and you are not ready to replace it, think about adding a layer of plywood between the mattress and the box spring.

Next, consider the sheets. While we are biased (we admit it) our organic sheets are perfect for guests. Making a bed with organic sheets tells your guest that you care about their welfare, and the planet, by having purchased sheets that are made of organic cotton, ethically and sustainably sourced. Jefferson Lane are sheets available in white and gray (more colors in 2017) and either color is a great backdrop for accessories or select contrast trim options in our sheets. You’ll also find our sheets are smooth and silky soft and they become even softer with washing.

Duvets are ideal for any bedroom as they can be purchased in a variety of thicknesses. A mid weight duvet is suitable all year round. Our organic duvet cover,  made from the same 300 thread weave as our sheets, are the perfect compliment to the duvets.

Pillows are priorities. Would you guest prefer one or two per person? Good quality pillows do not need to be replaced as frequently as pillows that a made from inferior materials that clump together or flatten out into boards. Use pillow protectors to prolong the life of the pillow. And think about organic because your guest’s faces will be lying on a pillow.

Add a throw. An essential component to a guest room – to any room, in fact, because a blanket throw provides so many options. As a decorative item at the foot of a bed, or as a functional element, a layer, if a guest feels chilly. Our beautiful handwoven Maya cotton throw blanket is great for layering or just being wrapped up in on a cool evening.

In the guest room, you will also want to offer a carafe of water, a pen, and small notepad, placed on a nightstand or table within easy reach, a good reading lamp and some flowers (as long as your guests do not suffer from allergies!). Instead of flowers, consider a bowl of herbs, particularly lavender which is reputed to have sleep inducing properties. A sprig or two of eucalyptus in the shower is a nice idea as the moisture will help release the refreshing essence.  

Your guests will also appreciate a closet in which to hang their clothes (don’t forget the hangers) and a drawer in a dresser for smaller items.

When it’s breakfast time, consider treating them to breakfast in bed. A beautiful nourishing breakfast is not difficult to prepare and will be much appreciated, so much so that perhaps your guests will never want to leave.

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