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Counting Threads

November 14, 2016

Counting Threads

There’s something, well more than something, that’s misleading people when they consider buying sheets. Marketing efforts focused on thread count are just wrong! The message that the higher the thread count the better the sheet is an inaccurate message. There’s so much more that goes into a good night’s sleep.

When 600 is not better than 300

People often think that the way to buy sheets is to make the selection by thread count. Please take our word, and the words of other specialists in the industry, and do not buy your sheets by the thread count number. Here’s why:

If a single-ply thread is used in 300 thread count sheets, it is more than likely that the sheets will be softer and smoother than 600 thread count sheets, where the threads may have been counted twice using a “double” or two or more ply cotton yarn. This is where the threads are twisted together, and counted twice so the manufacturers can claim a higher thread count, but leaving you with an unbreathable, thicker and heavier set of sheets. 

It’s even possible to see 800 thread count sheets that are really not 800 thread count at all. And as many manufacturers have different ways of counting threads, it’s not as easy as comparing apples to apples.

The rule when buying sheets, therefore, is not to buy for thread count. 

Buying sheets should not be a numbers game

Be sure to look at more than thread count. Sheets made from long staple organic cotton are the best option. The long staple cotton produces continuous threads, not threads blended together which often produce a slubbed or rough texture. 

We believe that organic cotton sheets are best of all because they are produced free of pesticides and insecticides and other harmful contaminants that harm everyone in the production chain, from the farmers, to the people who sew and embroider sheets, to the people who pack and ship them to us.

We’re stand by our quality and very sure you will find our organic sheets soft and smooth, easy to sleep on and care for. We offer a  that we offer a 45-day return policy should you be unhappy with the product. 

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