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Better for you, better for the world

October 09, 2016

Better for you, better for the world

For people who care about their individual impact on the world, it is the choice of a gas-efficient car or perhaps not to drive at all. For other people consuming organic food is not just a healthy way to eat, but a commitment to a healthier way of life for agricultural workers. So it seems natural that anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle, and a responsible way to live, might have considered the sheets upon which they sleep.

We did. Our search for new sheets in department stores took us on a journey of confusion and disappointment. We wanted cotton sheets because cotton is seen as a “natural” product and therefore good for us, but how could it be natural, and good, if it harmed so many people in the process of reaching our homes?

Our story is here.

What is Organic?

To qualify as organic, the crop must be grown in soil that has not been modified by pesticides, genetically modified organisms or toxic fertilizers. The crop, as it grows, should not be sprayed with insecticides or pesticides. Why? Because the toxicity of the chemicals in pesticides endangers the health of the farmers and agricultural workers, weavers, and the people who create and manufacture our cotton products, such as sheets and pillowcases. And we sleep on those sheets.


Think about it. If, where possible, we put organic goodness into our bodies at the dinner table, what about our bed linen. We spend, on average, 7 hours in bed, every night. What are we sleeping on?

Part of our mission in creating a business is to encourage people to think about their selection of sheets and bedding. It was equally important to us that we are part of the organic community and that quest led us to GOTS. While the idea of a certification program dates back for many years, it was only in 2006 that the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) got started. It is a worldwide collaborative of leading standard setters dedicated to ensuring “the organic status of textiles from harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing all the way to labelling in order to prove credible assurance to the consumer.”



You will see the GOTS badge on our products and can be assured that the organic bedding, sheets, pillow cases, and duvets that you purchase at Jefferson Lane have been sourced and created with your welfare in mind and the health of agricultural workers and anyone who handles the products.

Please check out the review of our organic bedding here.

In time we plan to introduce other products, such as organic blankets and throws and decorative pillows. These will be produced under ethically sourced conditions. Please sign up here to be the first to know

“Organic” is an important part of our future. It’s not a fad or a trend but a commitment to a better way of life, better for you, better for your family and better for the world. Thank you for your part in helping.

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